Hey guys, I need some help.

Hey guys, I need some help.

Hey guys, I need some help. I want to write some love letters to two of my players who haven’t been able to make the last couple of sessions in an Eberron campaign I’m running, but I’m not really sure how to do it.

The first player is a Drow Grave Knight who recently acquired Ogra-Naath (the opposite of the uber-Paladin sword from the book) and I’m thinking I want to tempt him to do evil things. I want to give sort of a Stormbringer vibe to the blade, so what if I gave him a list of awful things to do for XP, and each one he filled he would check a countdown box. When the box is filled, he’s Evil (he’s Lawful now).

The other (a Shifter Fighter) hasn’t been able to make it since another’s character died (they were each other’s only friends) and so I want to do something about how he got over that loss. Perhaps he also gains a level (he’s 2 or 3 behind the rest of the party) and ask what adventure he went on to gain the XP?

So, any feedback would be helpful, as I’ve never written anything like this before. Thanks!

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  1. For the first one, I really like the idea of the “Check off all of the things you’ve done”…it gives the player options.

    For the shifter, I would encourage you to ask a few questions of the player so you can shape the love letter. Privately and before the next session, ask them several questions:

    * “Describe an accomplishment that you will always remember that transpired off screen between you and your friend.”

    * “Would shifter perform a private memorial? If so, where would shifter do so? What would shifter say?”

    * “With X-weeks having passed since shifter friend’s death, describe one thing that shifter would make sure shifter did.”

    From those (and others), build your love letter, creating a move that throws them back into the group and the adventure (perhaps the memory can be incorporated into the adventure.

    Basically lots of “What would you do?” given that the camera is pointing to you at different points in time.

  2. Peter – the “love letter” term comes from Apocalypse World, the mechanical ancestor of Dungeon World. It is meant to be a letter that the GM writes to a character that gives the player context on: What happened since we last played and what might be happening when we start up again.

  3. Hi Augustine, it’s been a while since we saw you last. How’s that nifty new sword working out? Sure is pretty. Too bad it’s an uber-evil artifact bent on dominating your soul. But that’s no big thing right? Of course, you have been having strange dreams…

    Go ahead and Roll plus Wis. On a 10+ you keep hold of your heart and mind. You can pick one. On a 7-9 your resolve is shaken by the soothing voice in your skull. Pick two.

    – you hear the sword calling to you at odd moments and in your sleep tempting you to take up its full power in order to better fulfill your holy mission, or to give up your cause and live a life of wanton abandon.

    – You have heeded the sword’s clarion call and committed an act so evil you question your faith. Tell the GM what you did and take an XP. You can wield the sword freely for the time being, but unfortunately your deity has turned her back on you and will grant no boons until you repent.

    – You have kept the sword sheathed and vowed not to draw it forth, except in moments of great and true need.

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