Hey! Two things: first, I’ve made a page full of Brute-themed magic items (or at least, no-one else is going to want to eat a pouch of spider eggs), some post-last breath bonuses and a #GrimWorld   style death move, all included as a third page for the Brute’s character sheet:

Second, I’ve started putting bits of #pirateworld online. I’d love to give people an advance preview/ some testing. Send me a message here if you’re interested!

Of all the Brute magic items, I’m pretty happy with this one:


This brass door was forged deep underground to protect the gates of Bredar IV from goblin dark magic, and it nearly worked. What the dwarves weren’t prepared for was a cave troll to rip it off the hinges and then beat them with it.

3 weight, awkward, two-handed, 3 armour.

The door harmlessly absorbs dark magic cast directly at the door, though each spell absorbed this way increases the door’s weight by 1.

9 thoughts on “Hey!”

  1. I like a fair bit of that! Some feedback:

    The death move should be “ripples outwards,” not “toutwards.” 😛 Also, that should probably be “or explodes into a cloud of of bone and gore” because e.g. a wall isn’t going to explode into bone and gore.

    The Black Gauntlet is fucking great. The spiky club should be 2 weight and +messy, not +forceful. Din-Chewers should probably be written in the form of a move that starts with “when you replace your real teeth with the Din-Chewers” or whatever. Big Skull Helmet should probably be less vague about what skewering an enemy does (unless that’s the trigger/effect from one of the Brute moves, I don’t have it to hand to check right now). Dwarf Door should totally be +forceful, but otherwise is great (although – I would consider saying “goblin magic” instead of “goblin dark magic” in the fluff part, and just “magic” or “magic attacks” in the mechanics part, since “dark magic” isn’t a defined thing). Spider Eggs should be either “miniature spiders” or “spiders” in both cases, to preserve the repetition; also, it’s “hold X” and not “take X hold.”

  2. Hi James Hawthorne. I’ll be starting a new campaign soon. Let me ask my group if they’re interested. If so, I’d love to play test (Pirateworld looks like it will hit several of my current gaming wants). Even if that doesn’t work, I’d also be very interested in reading through and giving feedback and general proof reading.

  3. Alex Norris , thanks for the comments. They’re great and are mostly going straight in to the PDF! I’m kind of fond of “toutwards” as a spelling mistake.

    Totally agree on the din-chewers and Big Skull Helmet; that’s being fixed to define skewering someone as dealing damage/ effectively grabbing them, so the Brute can de-skewer and chuck them about later.

    By “dark magic”, I meant just evil-themed magic and decided to leave it up to the players. I’m guessing it’s a bit unclear? Magic attacks would probably fit better, but I want to keep the theme of dwarven runes protecting the Brute vs evil dudes and being useless against, say, a happy Cleric. Forceful is definitely missing though, and #messy is the right spiky club tag. The spiders are adjectived differently purely to read nicer!

    Cheers for the hold tip, I always get that mixed up.

    John Bogart, sounds great! I’ll invite you in.

    Hope you enjoy smashing stuff Noah Stevens.

  4. Just bought the Brute on DTRPG… Looks like a blast!

    I noticed a small typo under SPIDER EGGS on the 3rd page. It says: “When pop a pouch into your mouth roll +CON.” It should say “When you pop a pouch into your mouth roll +CON.”

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