I’m running a game tomorrow night with two of my friends.

I’m running a game tomorrow night with two of my friends.

I’m running a game tomorrow night with two of my friends. Would like to add one more person, but to be honest, I’ve been a bit hesitant only because I’m not comfortable in my GM ability and in the past I’ve encountered “rules lawyers.” 

Has someone else felt this way, or am I just being to hard on myself?

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  1. Rule lawyers can be a good thing as they point out areas where you may have forgotten a rule, misunderstood a rule, etc. I have to give myself a little pep talk before every game I run (so, twice a week!) I find if you and the players are having a good time, the rules and system should come second. You’re telling a story and the rules should not get in the way of that.

  2. GMing is hard, and it’s entirely understandable if you’re more confident about playing with supportive friends rather than someone slightly more antagonistic. There are Jason’s “good” rules lawyers, but I’ve found that they’re more likely to be asserting things to their advantage rather than helpfully pointing out that you’ve perhaps misunderstood things.

    Having said that, DW is much lower on rules-lawyerly issues than many other games, and encourages you to ask the table for help on ideas and understanding. And it’s more about collabaration (be a fan of the characters) than placing a challenge for them to overcome

  3. I find rules lawyers disruptive and, honestly, rude. They disrupt the game flow to argue an interpretation of a rule that is often in their favor with no considerstion of other players or the story flow. They’re too consumed with “winning”. I’ve only rarely encountered the “good” rules lawyer.

    With that said, tell the whole group, to avoid singling out the new guy, to save “rule interpretations” for afterward so they don’t interrupt the game flow with the exception being a situation that’s life and death. Be very clear on the type of game you run with new players.

    Sorry didn’t mean to ramble but generally speaking I find rules lawyers inconsiderate. You must be crytal clear whats acceptable in your game before the game ever starts.

  4. Pablo LaFrossia what time is the game tonight? I’ve been GMing for over a year straight with no actual playtime under my belt. I might be able to jump in if you’ll have me. And I won’t be a rule lawyer either!

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