This post: brings up a question I’ve had.

This post: brings up a question I’ve had.

This post: brings up a question I’ve had.

In Apocalypse World, you mark experience every time you roll 6-. Is the same true in Dungeon World? I thought it was on my first readthrough, but on subsequent ones I couldn’t find any mention of it.

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  1. J LeClair and Jeremiah Frye really? I admit I haven’t played Apocalypse World, only Dungeon World, but I had heard it mentioned as one of the elements. I guess I should go to more primary sources.

  2. FWIW, I’ve found the default rule less than satisfying. If someone is on a dice hot streak, they stop advancing, which you could say, “oh, boo-hoo, person rolling well,” but I’ve seen it result in dissatisfaction. I don’t have a good alternative, but you might think about giving everyone XP when you make a hard move that affects everyone.

  3. In Apocalypse World you don’t mark XP when you roll a 6- but when you roll a highlighted stat, when you get Hx+4 with someone, or when your moves tell you to. Dungeon World has you mark XP on a miss. 

    Edit: wow, G+ has terrible comment updating in the main feed. 

  4. Clinton N. Dreisbach I know what you mean about feeling frustrated by not gaining experience, but there`s a different focus in Dungeon World. Advancement is secondary to the story. Defeating the Troll is advancing. Marking XP is just a consolation prize.

    Oh and PK Sullivan you also mark XP when Hx hits -4 in Apocalypse World!

  5. Anecdata: the Pathfinder type people I played with at PAX loved the advancement rules without exception.

    “Mark XP when the GM makes a hard move” is kind of like how Numenera works, right?

  6. Clinton N. Dreisbach: if your players are getting frustrated by it, then change the rule! Otherwise, it’s the way it is to encourage players to actually do things that require rolls, and to give a compensation prize to those who roll poorly. It’s a great rule!

    Since DW level difference doesn’t mean anywhere near the same thing as it does in D&D, having players at different levels is perfectly fine, too.

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