Hi folks!

Hi folks!

Hi folks! I’m running my first session tomorrow! I’m pretty comfortable with the rules so far and now I’m trying to work up some bare bones of a plot. I have one idea in my head that I’m hoping the creative minds on here can help me expand upon.

The plot idea so far is that the characters have booked passage on one of the newly designed Airships, and the ship is being attacked midflight by Clockwork Sky Pirates.

I’m using Marshall’s Dungeon Starter format to start planning, but I really want to make the session great and memorable for my players. Anyone have any ideas / tips / or anything just plain cool to add to that concept? Thanks!

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  1. Also, if there are already clockwork sky pirates, then airships are not new. What’s new and special about the design of THIS airship? By the way, that’s not a question for you, it’s one for your players. What code are the sky pirates known for never breaking? What’s the destination of the airship’s travel? Who or what made the clockwork pirates in the first place, and to whom do they answer now?

  2. Both very good points, thanks guys. And Joseph, in my head I was thinking the Clockworks haven’t been seen before. Maybe a bit of a Sky Captain And The World of Tomorrow situation, if you’ve seen that movie.

  3. Yeah! Joseph Le May ‘s questions are perfect for giving your players agency within the world. If they’re veteran gamers who’ve never played DW before, that’ll make the session plenty memorable! 🙂

  4. Josh, the key to running DW successfully is to rely less on what was in your head and find out what is in your players’ heads instead. It’s exciting and more fun for you as you get to learn stuff about the world, and your players get a say in their own and each others’ fun.

  5. I appreciate the tips. It’s tricky for me to let go, I’m the type of GM that generally overplans. So the hands off approach to Dungeon World is a little weird at first. I think it’s going to be great though.

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