Let’s talk about Quest for #Paladinweek.

Let’s talk about Quest for #Paladinweek.

Let’s talk about Quest for #Paladinweek. I reckon it’s simultaneously the best move outside of Ritual and criminally underrated (though I’ve not discussed the Paladin here before!). 

The good:

I love that it’s completely in the fiction, even the mechanical effects of the move are fictional boosts (e.g. invulnerability to ___). Better yet is the actual vow, which seems to generally say “my god totally wants me to murder this bad guy. I love that. Suddenly the evil dude goes from a campaign front to personally connected to the players via a vendetta, which opens up a whole world of awesome fictional possibilities. 

The vows afterwards are also damn cool, and really make the Paladin’s character as a holy warrior who behaves in set ways to retain their honour. 

The still-good-but-not-quite-so-awesome:

I’m not actually too keen on the boons. One of them seems significantly better than the others (invulnerability to _) and so is pretty much an auto-pick. The rest are good, but don’t seem to offer that much customisation (aside from “Holy Mark”, which can be interpreted in a lot of ways). I’m stumped for other boons, though! What would you guys go for? Ideally I’d like the Paladin to get some things they can customise a bit more towards their specific god.

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