I’ve finally finished my Brute class and put it up for sale!

I’ve finally finished my Brute class and put it up for sale!

I’ve finally finished my Brute class and put it up for sale! Smash through walls, pick up enemies and use them as weapons (or hurl them off cliffs), all while laughing as puny mortals stick swords into you. Smash! Crush! Eat!

The core move is that sums up the whole class is:

Armed and Dangerous:

When you pick up and swing an enemy around, treat them like a weapon with the reach, awkward and forceful tags.

There’s a preview of the class here, involving moves about throwing enemies, intimidating and distracting crowds, smashing through walls:


And the full version is available here for $2.49:


Thanks to the SomethingAwful forums for tons of criticism, ideas and playtesting!

13 thoughts on “I’ve finally finished my Brute class and put it up for sale!”

  1. The moves are all designed around fictional triggers and bonuses; there’s no “take +1 to damage”. The mechanics are all geared along the lines of:

    “spend hold to rip an enemy in half” or “when you roll a 10+, distract a crowd of horrified onlookers”

    I reckon it’s a lot more fun that way!

  2. And here I just said to myself, “after Inverse World, Grim World, Funhaver, and Randolph, I have more playbooks than I could ever need.”  Way to prove me wrong.

  3. Haha, perfect Josh McGraw! I’ll just warn you now this is all in an overarching Pirate World arc of relatively crazy classes aimed at being a bit explosive. I’m sure you don’t need any of those, though.

    Bastien Wauthoz, as Joshua Bailey  said (thanks!), it’s on drivethrustuff, but I’m also going to be putting it up on my fledgling Dungeon World repository (scoundrell.com/dw) as soon as I can get my head around checkouts.

  4. Kerry Harrison Great; hope you like it, let me know how throwing goblins around goes! If you’ve got any suggestions, I’m happy to keep updating the class over the next few months.

  5. James Hawthorne it’s a great class, it’s actually pretty close to what I was trying to do roleplaying wise with a barbarian character, now I just need to see if I can convince the GM to let me bring the character back from the dead (his soul is bound to a magical artifact called the Bone Glaive which the party still has possession of).

  6. Kerry: That’s an entire character pitch already neatly wrapped up for delivery.  If I was GMing and had a player come at me with something like that, I’d use the hell out of it.

  7. James Hawthorne I’m about to click “buy” just because my collection practically demands it, but out of curiosity: how many classes are you planning, and will there be a package release on the others?

  8. Sorry for the slow reply, Josh McGraw! I’m planning a fairly big swathe of classes as I’ll be doing a PirateWorld kickstarter soon (likely November), but they’ll likely be in a different format from the one above. If I do release a package, it’ll be on my own site so I can give a full discount for anyone who’s bought bits of it, so you shouldn’t be losing anything!

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