14 thoughts on “Did anyone see the Witcher class for DW? I saw only a compendium. Is there a basic class?”

  1. Definitely overpowered. Why bring a fighter when you can bring this guy?

    When you’re writing a new base class or compendium class, try to fill a role that is not well handled by existing classes. This looks too much like a fighter with a bunch of automatic win abilities against monsters.

  2. feel free to houserule for your own use! I wrote it as a response to caster supremacy, it’s probably stronger than the base classes but I don’t like playing with those anyway, there are more dynamic and fun classes out there. 

  3. Don’t get me wrong Andrey, I really like at least the first page of the class. It feels very inspired, just some input on balance problems I saw. I think I am going to take your work there and build off of it for my own slayer class. 

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