Related to what Ben Wray posted:

Related to what Ben Wray posted:

Related to what Ben Wray posted:

Dangerous Spells 

New tag explained:

Dangerous: Any spell with the Dangerous descriptor will have an effect on you, just for having it prepared. Something in it’s magic is rotten and wrong and you will have to fight it to stay yourself. Beware. 

New Spell: 

Amoraths Dominate (Level 3) (dangerous, enchantement, ongoing)

As the regular Dominate spell but it can be cast by just looking at them, no touch required. 

However, should you drop to 0 hitpoints while having this spell prepared, the demon Lord Amorath will make you an offer. Accept his pact and you will be whole again. Disagree and he will just possess your body just like this.  

Immolate! (Level 5) (evocation, dangerous)

With a flick of your hand you summon a  gigantic pillar of flame that deals 5d8 damage to everything in it’s way. 

While you have this spell prepared you will feel an incredible urge to burn to ashes everything that is whole and beautiful. You might need to Defy Danger to resist these urges. 

What do you think of the concept? They are something you can give out to Wizard Players as treasure. They should not go into their regular spelllist. 


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  1. I love this. I would also add corrupt tag.


    Animate skeleton (level 1) (necromancy, corrupt, dangerous )

    Turn a recently dead body with a skeletal system into an animated servant, treat as a warrior hireling, with 2 warrior and 1 loyalty. Each time it is commanded roll defy danger cha, or it turns on you as a normal skeleton monster. While this spell is memorized your alignment is evil.

  2. love them! For a “power corrupts” themed campaign they would be awesome! Also, I kinda love demons… pointing them out to Alberto Muti Enrico Ambrosi Daniele Di Rubbo and Iacopo Benigni

  3. I haven’t given the whole concept a lot of though – i just like the general idea of spells that wrap your mind. 

    Equal part Conan and Diskworld. 

  4. INVOKE PACT (Level 3, Dangerous)

    When you cast this spell, tell the Corrupter who taught it to you what it is you desire. It will tell you what it will cost you. Accept or reject the bargain as you see fit.

    While you have this spell prepared, the Corrupter may sense your surroundings and emotions, and communicate with you psychically (although it cannot read any thoughts you do not let it hear) at any time.

    LENORE’S FINAL SPELL (Level 9, Dangerous) When you cast this spell, slay any target who can hear you cast it. You die as well. Do not roll Last Breath. Neither you nor the target may be raised from the dead in any manner (including becoming any form of undead.)

    While you have this spell prepared, you have every Debility. If you lose a debility for any reason, you gain it again in a few minutes.

  5. Thinking about dangerous spells: Evil Anti-Wizard Trap

    How about a that puts a spell into your mind. It has a Level of X and pushes out every other spell so that you could have prepared it. (so when you have a level 1 and a level 5 spell prepared and it’s a level 3 then your level 5 is gone). 

    You can’t override this spell when you prepare new spells. The only way to get rid of it is to cast it. 

    So Wizard, how do you want to find out what kind of spell this is? (and if it has the dangerous tag?)

  6. Tell them the requirements and ask:

    Well you have this spell in your mind. Want to get rid of it? Just cast it dude. Where do you want to aim it?

  7. I mostly agree with you, Tim. I said I’d probably talk about the possibility to include this kind of traps with the wizard’s player.

    If it’s a hard move (and possibly a plot twist of some kind) you could by all means keep it to yourself, but personally I must admit I’m not a big fan of “GM secrets” in general…

  8. Well, you know, since it was in a trap, that it’s not going to do good things, and since they’d probably anticipate you trying to fire it off in a random direction that it’ll probably be bad even if you did that. So basically it’s like “You lose your best spell or maybe even spells, AND some horrible unknown badness is going to rain down upon you when you try to fix it” That’s like two hard moves in one.

  9. Ibn ‘s malice

    Level 5 (conjuration ) (dangerous )

    With a yell you bring into existence a dead wizard for a brief amount of time. The wizard is not under any compulsion to help you. The wizard name must be know prior to casting or the spell fails.

    Wizards who know they a are dying often scribe this as a scroll, when summoned they use the time to try and escape death.

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