Seems like a cool idea.

Seems like a cool idea.

Seems like a cool idea. Haven’t gotten a chance to actually check out the preview doc, but your description makes it sound pretty cool.

Originally shared by James Hawthorne

Hey! For #wizardweek  I’m going to share a preview of my take on magic users: The Alchemist.

I’ve been working on this class on-and-off for a few months now and it’s just-about finished playtesting, almost ready for sale! The class is focused around brewing potions and then using them to do crazy things.

It works via a tag system that lets players describe what effects the potions have. For example, a freezing potion used with Belch could create an ice-bridge, or used with Transform could make the alchemist undetectable to a heat-seeking monster or able to freeze creatures on touch, or might hold a far away enemy frozen in place with Voodoo.

The (20+) advanced moves are mainly based around grabbing more tags (e.g. making potions from monster bits gives you one of the monster’s tags) and using potions in increasingly crazy ways. E.g. Voodoo, where you down a potion, choose an enemy, and the effects hit them. And you too, if you’re unlucky! Of course, no Alchemist is complete without the ability to transmute, fooling merchants with gold coins that revert back to copper or turning their enemies into lead statues .

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  1. Glad you like the sound of it! I’m looking for ideas for more tags for potions: are there any anyone would paricularly like in the Alchemist’s basic toolbox? My favourite defaults are probably:

    freezing, flaming, electric, toxic, acidic. In other words, the elemental stuff

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