Spell List Analysis

Spell List Analysis

Spell List Analysis 

I went through the Wizard spells and noted down what they did in broad categories. See the result here: 


Interestingly gather information is what the Wizard is all about. There are so many ways to get additional intel that no one else can access. 

Also “manipulate battlefield” is nowhere on this list. This is probarbly a more recent thing for wizards but for me, something that is integral to their spell list. One could argue that Cage does that though. I still would like Wall spells, and web/grease and stuff like that. Would be a lot of fun. 


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  1. Control and utility spells are the bread and butter of wizard characters I’ve enjoyed in non-DW games. Being able to kind of throw together tricks and traps is a solid niche.

  2. Maybe we should put together a nice 2,4,6,8 list of spells? It could be a collaborative effort, maybe with Josh as an editor. It shouldn’t have more than a few per level, to be consistent with the main rules.

  3. Here’s a list of spells I’ve come up with in the last hour:

    Conjure Grease

    Magical Wall

    Affix Object

    Spatial Awareness

    Language Relay (set up translation or long distance communication)

    Language Manipulation (improve or impede communication)

    Obscuring Mist

    Animate Object

    Enervating Terrain (confuse and slow)

    Curse of Weakness (inflict negative physical condition)

    Curse of Idiocy (Inflict negative mental condition)

    Sapper’s Delight (move earth, dig trenches)

    Elemental Influence (produce or manipulate a small amount of an element)

    I was trying to look for instant or quick effects, since anything that might take longer could just be a ritual.

  4. I also really like the potential of Spell Defense, so some of the spells listed could be “ongoing” to make that a bit more useful (e.g. Wall, Affix Object, Language Relay, Animate Object).

  5. I have put together a list with Chris’ spells plus a few more from me, with a possible level subdivision. If anybody is interested, we can divide the spells among us and flesh them out a bit. Levels and descriptions are of course open to debate.

  6. i would like multiple people to do “similiar” spells so that the wording is more diverse on all of those spells. Give them different voices. 

  7. My thought for Affix Object was to position an object, either attached to something or in mid-air, and it would be stuck there. A wizard could pin a weapon to the ground, block a door, hang a rope from nothing, etc. I though it might be a good, creativity-provoking spell.

    Spatial Awareness is sort of a tactical knowledge of the area the wizard is in, sort of like a radar HUD in a video game – you know where walls, furniture, living beings, etc are and can act accordingly (perhaps +1 forward when you act on the info, something like that).

  8. Maybe 4 for Affix and 2 for Awareness? I’m really bad at gauging that sort of thing. Since Awareness is basically just a magical way to gather information about your surroundings, it doesn’t need to be to high level. Affix could be really powerful if it actually makes it impossible (or nearly impossible) to move the object while the spell is ongoing. Think of the trick with Thor’s hammer on Loki’s chest…

    I think Awareness should probably work like Discern Realities, but with some different questions. It could theoretically show where hidden things are, and definitely the position and disposition of people/monsters nearby that you can’t see.

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