So as I drew up the DW version of my Scroll-Caster magic item, I had to look at the Common Scroll from the Magic Items section of the book. I noticed two things:

1. The spell on the scroll has to be castable by you or on your spell list, but do you actually roll the Cast a Spell move when you use the scroll? “The spell takes effect, simple as that”?

2. The spell remains on the scroll after it’s first used? The spell/scroll isn’t consumed in the casting?

(I am referring to using the scroll without my Scroll-Caster.)

One thought on “#WizardWeek”

  1. I feel like if you can’t already cast the spell, you’re probably looking to Defy Danger with your … something.  The Danger is “you misspeak the words and the spell goes awry”

    Which would lead to a nice Thief move called “Read Spell From Scroll” that says “You may read magic from scrolls as though you were a Wizard of your level”.

    Mmmm, AD&D.

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