The Astronaut. #wizardweek

The Astronaut. #wizardweek

The Astronaut. #wizardweek  

Descendents of voyagers who came to this world in Orichalcum vessels from the Other Worlds, so it’s said. Attuned to the substance of star stuff and its constituents.

WHEN YOU DO MAGIC, you can conjure quantities of elemental matter and shape them according to your will: silver mirrors, clouds of choking chlorine gas, pools of mercury, explosive pellets of sodium, and so on. Roll plus INT. On a 10+, choose 3. On a 7-9 choose 1.

– Conjure a great quantity

– Project it where you want, within sight

– It’s stable and long lasting

– Shaped in subtle and complex ways according to your will

– The Sleepers Among the Stars take no notice

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  1. Yeah, I suppose I can give them too. After all, I did make the dick move of adding the random unspecified Bad Thing that can happen to the move list. 🙂

  2. Sometimes you just gotta go with the obvious answer and not worry about “interesting”.

    SLEEPERS AMONG THE STARS (horde, huge, organized, planar, terrifying)

    Spells, especially miscast spells, tend to be very loud, both literally and metaphorically. They attract attention. And the spaces between stars, vast and empty, are silent, very very silent. That ‘noise’ travels far indeed. And who knows what might be out there to hear it?

    Instinct: to answer when magic’s call awakens them

    Qualities: Voidborn, Too Many Tentacles

    Tentacle lash: d8+5 damage, reach, near, forceful

    15 hp, 1 armor


    Wrap them in tentacles

    Call others from the void between stars

    Distort the nature of a spell or magical effect

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