– Inside the ribcage of an ancient dragon’s skeleton, covered in moss, hidden from the light of the sun by the thickest of canopies.

– A secret chamber of the Great Library, where runes and letters flow from the books on the shelves through the air towards a massive tome that floats just a few inches over the central pedestal.

– An ancient stone well in the ruins of Heliopolis, with a single weeping face carved into its side.

– Sinathel the Enchanter’s hidden Vale, constantly undergoing massive landscape reengineering (waterways rerouted, hills moved) to assure the best confluence of geomantic energies.

8 thoughts on “#WizardWeek”

  1. The source of the raging river Titans Tears.

    The cross roads at the end of Farmer Rudamil, near the village of Dunwidder where a paladin of legend died by betrayal.

    The shattered tower in the basalt hills which are known for unusual spiders.

    The top of Skywier plateau holds a cave that leads to the crystallized heart of a forgotten giant demigod.

    The ruins of Fayreiun a city hidden by decaying wards and host to Elvish ghosts.

    The inn of Dragon’s Teat, it’s basement hides a hidden chamber once used to summon animals from another realm.

    The golden throne of Ibn al malak, sits alone in the desert of green sand which burns under moonlight.

  2. The heart of the Queensglade in the abandoned Elven heartwood, under the light of a full moon on the winter solstice.

    The obsidian prison-tomb of the Sorcerer King (warning: the Sorcerer King’s death may not stop him trying to kill or enslave intruders)

    The temple to the forgotten frost-god, carved into a living glacier

  3. The flophouse room where the last dark elf ethicist died of consumption.

    A cliff up the coast the locals quaintly call Bride’s End.

    The  square where the the King of All Flames Reborn was strangled by his own church.

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