Just something that’s sprung to mind today. #wizardweek #notplaytested

Just something that’s sprung to mind today. #wizardweek #notplaytested

Just something that’s sprung to mind today. #wizardweek #notplaytested  

Pyroclast (Compendium Class)

When you are exposed to the full fury of the Elemental Plane of Fire, and survive against the odds, you may take the following move the next time you level up.

One With The Flame

Fire yields to your presence. When you Defy Danger against fire, flame or intense heat, you may use +Int regardless of the situation.

Once you have taken One With The Flame, you may take any of the following moves as Class Moves:

Stoke the Inner Flame

You gather the spark of Primordial Fire within you. Roll +Int. On a 7-9, gain 1 Hold. On 10+, gain 3 Hold. You may make Volley moves using this conjured flame, treating Hold as Ammo. When you have no Hold left from this move, you may not attempt a Volley move with conjured flame.

Touched by the Inferno

For the purposes of the Ritual move, you may treat any Volcano or any place which has been destroyed by fire, as a place of power. When you Discern Realities regarding a place destroyed by fire, you may ask one additional question, regardless of your result.

Song of the Embers

You gain a version of the Fifth Level cleric spell, Words of the Unspeaking, that only works with fire, as a Cantrip.

8 thoughts on “Just something that’s sprung to mind today. #wizardweek #notplaytested”

  1. Looks good.

    Might I suggest:

    Voice of Flame

    You are always considered to have leverage over creatures of or closely tied to Elemental Flame for the purpose of the Parley move.

  2. What stops me from just spamming Stoke of inner fire, generating a lot of hold? Is there any downside to doing that (let’s say i only roll 7-9s)

  3. Oh also

    Everything Burns

    When performing a Ritual you always choose to perform a Rite of Immolation upon yourself or a willing bystander in place of one of your GMs conditions. Your GM will work with you to determine what the Rite entails.

    Through the Fire and Flames

    When you take the time to sanctify a fire you may gaze into the flames to see distant lands. You may use this sight to Discern Realities upon any location where a fire currently burns.

  4. Thinking about Tim Franzke’s comment, perhaps if you perform “Stoke the Inner Flame” move too often within a short period of time you overheat/burn up.

  5. Lots of cool ideas. Stoke the Inner Flame is a bit more haphazard than I’d have liked, as I wanted it to boost fire-based spells… but that would basically limit it to fireball if you’re only using the rulebook. It’s meant to use the class’ damage dice, so it gives a means of doing a little damage (or throwing around small bolts of flame for other purposes) without overshadowing the character’s spells. As for the matter of Hold, I had assumed that re-using a move that granted it replaced any you had from the previous use. If that’s not the case – I’ll need to look it up – I’ll make some tweaks.

    Still, I don’t think it’s too bad for my first attempt at anything for Dungeon World. I’ll look over the feedback and suggestions, clean it up, and post up an updated version in a day or so…

  6. yeah, preparation moves don’t work well with rolls. Why not something like, “when you bolster up, you also gain 1 ammo, or 3 ammo for prolonged periods”.

    (well maybe in this case you can have 3 or 6 holds, but you get the point)

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