Elixir of Longevity

The quest for immortality has been at the core of many an alchemist’s research. While true eternal life is not possible without possessing a Philosopher’s Stone, several breakthroughs in the field of extending one’s natural lifespan have been achieved in the last century. The side effects aren’t nearly as bad as they used to be either.

When you drink this inky black elixir, you do not age for the next 2d4 years. The elixir does not restore youth, it merely prevents aging for a while. Then roll 1d6.

1: No side effects this time…

2: Lose one point of Intelligence permanently.

3: Lose one point of Wisdom permanently.

4: Lose one point of Charisma permanently.

5: Lose one point in any attribute of the player’s choice.

6: Lose one point in any attribute of the gamemaster’s choice.

After the duration of the elixir has run out, the drinker begins to age twice as fast for the same number of years as the elixir’s original duration unless he drinks another elixir of longevity. This effect is cumulative, all the prevented years will come back unless the drinker continues to consume elixir when each dose runs out.