3 thoughts on “Fabio Succi Cimentini created tons of realy cool, surreal jobs for our game!”

  1. Allright, so here is one as a teaser.

    The elf affair (Outlaw/Killing/Library/No one knows)

    Black Oaks is the Parish where the Eternal Wandering elves dwell. Or at least they build temporary houses which they regularly dismantle and leave to wander ritually through the parish itself and settle down again, over and over, as remembrance for their exile.

    The scion of a disgraced family, based in Ditchwater, wants to erase the shame . To do so, (s)he needs someone to kill the collective memory of all elves. Problems is, Memory is a concept and a symbol – noone knows how to reach it.

  2. “Yeah guys, my family did something horrible and I’m really quite embarassed about that. So there’s this thing, it’s basically my people’s entire historical conscience  hidden somewhere… well, I’d like you to destroy it so that I can be a part of society again.”

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