Nexus Staff

When you spend time performing a ritual to imbue a staff with a portion of your life. .

Roll + int.

12+ choose three

10+ choose two

7-9 choose one

The staff may be used to store spells up to your level minus one, the spells are cast normally but the spell is always lost when cast on both success and failure. The staff can only be recharged using a ritual.

The staff hides a portion of your life from death, lose two hit points permanently, when you roll last breath take +1 . If the staff is destroyed immediately roll last breath.

The staff is able to withstand the strength of dragons it takes a Titanic force to damage the staff. The wizard can break the staff without difficulty. When broken all in near range are blasted into another realm.

The staff protects the user from one element, fire, cold, acid, or electricity. the staff and the wizard are the only things protected.

The staff has a single spell of level 3 or less that can be cast at most 6 times per day as Each time it is used the wizard is affected by a disablity.

The staff is sentient, it is always loyal to the wizard and has an adept level of +1. The staff can speak and use any of it’s abilities without the wizard present.

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  1. It is.  but suffering disability after disability can be rough.  Fireball, 6 times a day, maybe 7 or even 8 times depending on wizard level should be able to take out just about anything, But for weeks after the wizard is suffering. 

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