Flaming Paladins

Flaming Paladins

Flaming Paladins

So…..my players decided that since the Paladin was immune to fire, as per his quest ability, setting him on fire and sending him charging into things was a good way to clear rooms.

They were fighting swarms of spiders so it made a certain kind of sense.

Anyone else got interesting tales of Paladin Immunity?

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  1. I had a player combine a fireproof paladin and a pool of what turned out to essentially be greek fire in the middle of a battle against a fire-breathing dragon-shaped construct.

    Mind you, when he failed a roll everyone else ran screaming…

  2. I’ve had my players do the same. Fireproof Paladin, barrels of oil, and large amounts of enemy forces in a cavern at the bottom of a mine shaft.

  3. overarching rule: It’s awesome? You get the benefit of the doubt.

    Setting yourself on fire (even if you’re immune) so you can better fight? Fits. DO IT.

  4. Well the way I described it may make it sound sillier than it was. They used 2 Adventuring gear attaching a blanket like a cloak and then soaking it in oil, or soaking his shield in oil with 1 Adventuring gear. He wasn’t a mini-burning man.

    The spiders were also evil and he vowed to kill evil things so I allowed it.

    When he rolled poorly I used the chance to reveal an unwelcome truth: The spiders were smart enough to retreat and regroup against this very effective tactic. They are now waiting for the party under a bridge that some flying bat-men like to ambush.

  5. Thats what I love about dungeon world, you can and should do crazy things, you got to roll for it anyway, it becomes even more crazy when you don’t succeed 🙂

    Quick Wizard light me on fire, crap a 5! Oh look the wizard caught himself on fire, now what?

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