7 thoughts on “This is awesome.”

  1. I hadn’t thought about streaming it. Pointing a laptop the game and running a 1-person Google Hangout on Air would be doable (live and recorded) but we’d need some equipment (mics and decent webcam) if we want the quality to be decent. Adam, if you’re down with having it recorded, I can look into rounding up the gear for it.

  2. Sounds great! We’ll see if I can round up the gear. For everyone looking forward to it here’s two things to consider. 1) The audio may pick up other games and therefor may suck 2) Pending the gear I can round up, the camera angle may not “capture” the whole game.

  3. Yay! Any of this stuff will be great. It actually always stroke me as odd that you can rarely access materials of a “how the devs do it themselves” kind for most games. Remember how cool it was to see Steve Jackson playing Munchkin,

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