Hey, I think it’s time to release a new book.

Hey, I think it’s time to release a new book.

Hey, I think it’s time to release a new book. This time I wrote an adventure module for Dungeon World. Here’s the pitch:


All the dungeons have been looted, all the monsters have been slain, and this land is free from the oppression of mad sorcerers and marauding armies. There is no longer any need for adventurers like you, and not a single opportunity for you to get rich left in these parts… or is there? Deep in the Haunted Forest you stand, directly in front of the lost stronghold of Fearsome Forbus and the Unknown Wizard—two of the greatest dungeon raiders that ever lived. Will you leave laden down with all their precious loot? Or will you uncover horrors this land thought dead and buried, never to return?


Lair of the Unknown is an introductory adventure module for the Dungeon World fantasy role-playing game. Inside you will find:

– A complete dungeon, full of traps and horrors, ready for you to explore.

– New monsters, characters, and magical items to vex or aid the PCs.

– Dungeon fronts—dangers that lie dormant and only activate when the PCs discover them.

– Customized starting procedures and advice about asking the players questions that contribute to the setting.

– Three new compendium classes and a new base class: the Dungeoneer.

– Fantastic art by Nate Marcel and others.


It’s 110 pages, 6×9 in print, 5.5×8.5 in pdf. DriveThruRPG and RPGNow, and also a Lulu print option. As far as adventure modules go, it’s not revolutionary or anything, it’s just tailored to Dungeon World, and I believe it will be an asset to both experienced GMs and novices.

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24 thoughts on “Hey, I think it’s time to release a new book.”

  1. It’s also good! I ran it during playtesting and it’s an interesting dungeon. Full of secrets, but room left for the players and GM to fill in things. A lot is implied and not outright stated, even if the players visit every single room. Mine didn’t! They looted what they could, unleashed some foul horrors, and ran!

  2. Is there any particular thing you’d like to see in a preview? I’m not even really sure which pages give an accurate representation of the whole book, without giving anything away to prospective players.

  3. Usually it is just the first seven or eight pages. Enough to see the table of contents and a few pages of the introductory chapter to get a feel for the writing.

    I get a feeling is is automated since it sometimes cut of a little wierd but it is usually enough. You can check it out for yourself, many games offer previews on drivethru.

    Don’t worry to much about Lair of the Unknown tho. I’ll probably pick it up regardless of a preview on account of the price.

  4. Yeah, with a pdf file you can set the previews to be whichever pages you want (or you can use the default setting), just not with a zip file. I should probably think about making one myself, though, for the Red Box site.

  5. If you do give me a holler in this thread. Dungeon World is high on my list of must-try but I just bought the Dark Heresy beta and have a couple of Edge of the Empire sessions scheduled so chances are you finish the preview before I get a chance sit down with DW.

  6. Okay, I added a preview pdf to the original blog entry. It’s 17 pages including the cover, has some intro text, part of the fronts, part of the Dungeoneer class, Nate’s art, and one of the maps so you can see what they look like.

    It looks crappy in my browser window, so you may have to download it to see it properly.

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