6 thoughts on “#ThiefWeek”

  1. Things to do with this:

    Disrupt the beam with your own mirror.

    Sneak past the beams, Mission Impossible style 

    Destroy the focus crystal but this will probarbly trigger a hard move. 

    Try to close the light access of the focus crystal – might take 2-3 days until it’s fully depleted. 

    Destroy the whole contraption from far-far away, 

    How would you disarm this trap? 

  2. Bring your own mirror reflect the light back at the crystal to melt it.

    Grab a handful of pebbles and flick them in front of the party so the beams hit the pebbles not the party

    Or my favorite throw a prism into the room and watch as the beams of light get turned into a harmless rainbow of lights, the prism will eventually disappate the crystal without noise and it might only take a few minutes.

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