4 thoughts on “So I’m messing around with a bunch of ideas for a Dying Earth version of DW.”

  1. I’m a huge Vance fan, and will comment more once I’ve had a chance to read over this more closely, but I just wanted to say that it looks great so far.  I love the Innocent’s move “O Brave New World”.  I can totally imagine that scene 🙂

  2. Peter Goderie I’ve had a chance to read ove rthis in a little more detail, and I have to say I think you’ve captured the tone of the books wonderfully.  I’d love to give this a shot sometime.  Please post if you finish out the playbooks.

  3. Thanks John Marron . I won’t be playtesting this until at least after my group has finished our Inverse World campaign, but it’s taken root in my brain now, so I’ll keep tinkering with it.

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