Sorry for the late Announcement but Thief Week starts next week.

Sorry for the late Announcement but Thief Week starts next week.

Sorry for the late Announcement but Thief Week starts next week. 

Originally shared by T. Franzke

Class Week is a chance for all the people that love Dungeon World to come together and be creative. Let’s share new content for the given class and discuss it’s fictional and mechanical possibilities. Let’s check the moves again in depth and see what can be done with them if applied creatively.

Any rules questions about them? We got you covered. 

Class Week runs at the last of  every month. 


Here are some suggestions of things from the community:


Magic devices.

Applications for the Heist move.

Organizations as monsters?

Deconstruction of the archetype.  Why “Thief” and not “Rogue” or “Specialist” or w/e

What happens to thieves who steal from gods? (Maybe deal with Promethean themes.)

New poisons could be a lot of fun

I like the idea of discussing which fictional advantages the thief should be able to know. Like most classes would  have to look through a room in depth to discern realities for a trap door, while a thief would merely have to glance around to trigger the same  move.

How the class could do roles of ninja, assassination, mob boss, or beguiling con man.

Alternate/expanded roles might also include highwayman, pirate, spy, or detective.

Another thought is a way to get leverage for parley at a risk to the thief. The Phisher gambit. 

Examples of Suspicion, Danger, and Cost for Tricks of the Trade.

Maybe some expanded thoughts or rules on loot (its value, where to fence it, etc)

Alternatives to the poison  moves, because none of my thief players have ever used that.

Examples of different Thieves Guilds and how to join, what they do.

Grifting for Fun and Profit

I’d like to see a discussion of the Thief’s use of poisons.

Varieties of law enforcement (town guards, bounty hunters, mystical guardians). And different ways for characters to deal with them (bribery, corruption, truce). Good for both organized crime and individual Thieves!

“Official Schedule” of X Week

22.-28 Juli – Thief Week

26-1. August – Wizard Week

23.-29. September – Paladin Week

21.-27. Oktober – Bard Week

25.-30. November – Ranger Week 

16-22. December – Cleric Week (earlier because of holidays)

Check out the Hashtags #FighterWeek  and #DruidWeek  for bygone ClassWeeks.