So my friends and I (who have played mountains and mountains of this game, which I will write about later) decided…

So my friends and I (who have played mountains and mountains of this game, which I will write about later) decided…

So my friends and I (who have played mountains and mountains of this game, which I will write about later) decided that Dungeon World really is the perfect system for running a superhero themed game, because of the amount of disregard for physics and opportunity for creative and interesting characters and mechanics. I decided none of the classes feel like they could really support a Superman/Green Lantern/Magneto-type character, so I decided to create:

The Caped

Look: Flashy Outfit, Utilitarian Look, Iconic Suit

Glowing Eyes, Caring Eyes, Hard Eyes

Uplifting Symbol, Terrifying Symbol, Mysterious Symbol

Chiseled Body, Hulking Body, Lithe Body

HP- 10 + CON

Damage – d10



Bring someone responsible for their actions.


Punish someone who has wronged someone or something you care about.


Showboat at the expense of a good opportunity 



You or your family have experienced a terrible tragedy that has motivated you or unlocked your hidden talent.

Take +1 when acting on the behalf of someone you empathize with

[]Freak Anomaly

A scientific or supernatural (choose one) event caused you to gain your powers.

Take +1 to Spout Lore about the mystical workings of the universe (<--- WIP, need suggestions)


You were born this way. (I could use a suggestion as for what to put here  ) 


+Superhuman Power: 

You have a superhuman power, describe it _____________________________________________________________


Pick at least two of the following drawbacks

[]Your control of your power is reckless and unstable

[]You must take a moment to transform yourself before using them

[]Your power is weakened by a specific substance ____(Gm’s choice)

[]You have a moral boundary. Describe it ________________________

[]Your power must be recharged by some source or artifact. Describe it ____________

[]An outside authority has influence and control over your powers.

[]Your powers must be channeled through an item (a ring, a sword, etc.)

Your base +Power roll is always +1.

+Power Unleashed 

When you use your power to help resolve a situation roll+Power.

On a 10+, it clearly helps in a significant way. On a 7-9, pick one from the following. On a 6- it backfires horribly.

[]You open yourself up in a moment of glaring weakness

[]Your allies are put in catastrophic Danger

[]Both you and your target are affected negatively.

+Heroic Speech

When you lecture your enemy on the error of their ways, roll+CHA. On a 10+, pick one. On a 7-9, they laugh at your ways and continue. On a 6-, they interrupt your speech mid-sentence with some sort of action.

[]Your enemy’s resolve falters, take +1 forward against them.

[]They seriously question their beliefs for a few moments.

[]You distract your enemy from an ally.

+Dramatic Entrance

When you make a signature entrance in a suitably impressive way, describe it, then take +1 foward.

Gear Your load is 8+STR

You have your iconic costume, describe it. (Armor 1, weight 1)

Pick one of the following

-Armored suit (Costume is 2 armor)

-A weapon you carry everywhere, describe it. (+1 damage, 2 weight)

Pick two of the following

-A huge fanbase

-A utility belt (5 uses, 2 weight)

-A large amount of money and influence

-A friend in a high place (2 uses)

-A magical artifact of unknown use and origin.

I haven’t currently got any advanced moves written up, and this class is definitely rough around the edges, but is playable at the moment. I would REALLY REALLY appreciate some feedback and suggestions, as this is the first class I’ve decided to write up. The biggest flaw I’ve found is the +power mechanic. Originally it was “pick an appropriate attribute”, but my players pointed out that it would almost always be at +2, which makes me uneasy, because although that gives me the ability to make harder moves when they fail, I am afraid it’s not exactly balanced. 

Any suggestions and criticism appreciated!

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  1. A thought: you give all of these choices, but without incentive they aren’t going to choose more than two. You could make it so their +Power is 1/2 the number of drawbacks they choose, rounded down. That way if someone wants a +3 they have to take almost all of the drawbacks.

  2. I put a class that I created, the Champion, into Grim Portents #2. It’s the same sort of thing, just in a more specific divine-powered, Captain Marvel feel. When it comes out, feel free to take moves from it.

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