13 thoughts on “I just turned the other 2 player characters into purple wurms! Ia Ia hail the purple wurm!”

  1. Last night I turned the ship we were on into a pulsating disco ball in the middle of a dark and stormy night. 5 of the crew members died from epilepsy, including the captain. I proceeded to assume command 🙂

  2. Misha Polonsky It was, it was…

    So basically, Marvin the fighter chased down a group of 7 kobolds who were on their way back to their draconic masters, and then just swallowed them.

    Red the Barbarian just teared the mountainside a new one, digging a path into a giant cavern chamber with a spider brood mother and her halfing sized young.

    Also, Ghyys the Merfolk Wizard used a spell to propel Marvis through the air so that he could reach the brood mother.

    Everything that happens in this game is f***ing insane.

  3. There should be an addendum to the spell’s description: 

    If you shapechange a Barbarian into a monster without his approval, expect him to get a new Bond with you featuring the words ‘teeth’ and ‘break’. ;p

  4. He should be used to it by now. Every time I play with Kasper, there’s somebody turning into all kinds of funny shapes… Scaly hippos, purple worms, same difference ;p

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