Hello. I’m new to Dungeon World. I got a chance to play at a con recently and bought the game. I have a question about XP.

I see the end a session move and mostly understand it. For alignment, do you get XP for each of those things listed for your alignment (including the class alignment thing) or just “I did one or more of those things at least once so I get 1 XP?” Is that the same for everything, you do X (kill an important monster) at least once so you get 1 XP?

I’m trying to get a feel for the pace of advancement. The most common source of XP is obviously missing. Besides that you can get a handful for the end a session questions.

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  1. I believe those are yes/no questions, so 1 XP if you did one or more of those things at least once.

    The most common source of XP is failing dice rolls.

  2. When you create your character you pick 1 alignment option from the list.

    If you do the thing on the option you picked during the game, you get 1 XP at the end of the session, whether you did it once, or did it lots.

  3. So ultimately, between bond, alignment, treasure, monster, and learning about the world, you can earn up to 5 XP per session beyond whatever rolls you fail.

  4. Matt Petruzzelli Come to think of it, I believe that is a house rule. It makes “sense” though that your relationship can change with more than one person over a relative period of time. 😉

  5. It’s worth mentioning that, like many aspects of the game, the End of Session Move and the questions therein are simply meant to stimulate the conversation of the game.

    As far as advancement, don’t forget they earn 1 XP for every miss (6- on a roll). Welcome to Dungeon World!

  6. It’s just one data point, but regarding the pace of advancement, in the game I play and the game I run, we range between 3-8 XP per 2-3 hour session, tending around 4-5.  Your mileage will obviously vary.

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