8 thoughts on “I’m writing a small 2-player hack for AW.”

  1. A peek for those interested:

    Blood everywhere

    When you witness something truly disturbing, roll+Guts. *10+ you are shaken, but otherwise fine. *On a 7-9 you take one Fear or one Crazy. *On a miss you take both and someone panics.

  2. Hold Steady

    When you hold steady, in a scary or tense situation, roll with cold. On a

    10 up, you keep your cool, and choose one: ask the MC a question about the situation; remove a Condition; carry 1 forward during this scene. • On a 7-9, choose: you keep your cool; pick an option from the 10 up list but also gain the Condition terrified.

  3. Interesting, but this hack has a different scope than MH. It’s about surviving the attack of a monster, not being one.

    The point is that it should be a slow grind towards despair. The entire point of the game is to see if the Survivor (player) actually survives, or if they die a horrible death or go nuts.

    I like the above move though 🙂

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