Last night on Dungeon World…

Last night on Dungeon World…

Last night on Dungeon World…

Spike the Druid blew away a flock of Nightwings (who nearly killed the whole party three sessions ago) with a tornado.

Zok the Orc Fighter calmed down a crowd of angry dwarves by haggling over a kilt.

The party was blessed by the Great Gator for saving the swamp from corruption with tails and scales of their very own!

Oerik the Dwarven Cleric fought off a home invasion by Dwarven supremacists single handedly (Hold Person is a powerful spell) while the rest of the party was wasted at the local tavern (Carouse roll). Unfortunately, his zombie was killed in the process.

Epic showdown saw the Paladin Augustine and his new friends facing down 5 members of his old order, which he deserted. I used the Knight from the DW book for these guys, and they were pretty damn tough. During the fight, Spike caught herself and the whole field they were fighting in on fire and then called down the rains to put out the fire…flooding the whole village in the process (this hasn’t been dealt with yet.)

Facing five of the Knights was really tough (4 armor and b[2d10] damage, and I thought for a moment that this might be a TPK (especially when the Ranger used Blot out the Sun on all the Knights and whiffed completely), but the Cleric’s Hold Person and some nice high damage rolls by the Fighter and Paladin saved the day.

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  1. Those Knights were tough bastards; even Zok the fighter had to switch his normal tactics and not do the extra d6 damage on a H&S of 10+ because, damn, b[2d10] is rough. One more good hit and you could have downed Zok.

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