4 thoughts on “#DruidWeek  Land Discussion 6”

  1. Interesting animal ideas:

    Roc/Great Eagle


    Mountain Wyrm 




    Sabretooth Tiger

    Woolly rhinoceros

    Polar Bear

    Polar Fox


  2. Had to check what a Linnorm is…

    Roc/Great Eagle

    – Carry a rider

    – Save Halflings after it is all over

    – Drop rocks on something 


    – Crush in a Stampede

    – Trumpet hell’a’loud 

    – Ignore normal wounds


    – Climb a rocky wall without problems

    – Knock away with horns

    – See good at night 


    – See little details with eagle eyes

    – Swop down at prey with lightning speed

    – Fly faster then you

    Arctic Fox

    – Disappear into the snow

    – Trick you

    – Look adorable 

    – Life off cadavres 


    – Give milk

    – Carry large weights 

    – Find protection in the herd 

    Flying Bison

    – Carry a group of young adventurers

    – Lick with giant tongue

    – Fly to the next part of the journey (yipyip)

  3. For the Towering Mountains the druid player in our group has used the following animals so far.

    Mountain Bear (instinct: find food)

    – Crushing Hug

    – Surprisingly Fast

    – Quick to Anger

    Frost Drake (instinct: pursue wounded prey)

    – Breath Frost and Ice

    – Carry Someone Aloft

    – Strike from Hiding

    Grey Wolf (instinct: run with the pack)

    – Run Tirelessly

    – Harry Prey

    – Howl Disconcertingly

    World Owl (instinct: defend its territory)

    – Rend Steel, Crack Stone

    – Snatch Prey on the Wing

    – Peerless Senses

    I include an instinct for each animal to act as a guide to the druid’s player and to remind me of possibilities for soft and hard moves in response to the Shapeshifting move.

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