7 thoughts on “Anyone up for a game today?”

  1. Peter Johansen Yes, that’s the right time frame.  I’m not quite sure what part of the game you’re asking about, so let me know if this is not what you mean:  

    1) We decide who’s GMing (have you played DW before?)

    2) At the decided time, players have characters prepared, and a Hangout Invitation will pop up in your Notifications.  Click on it.

    3)  We’ll video conference a game, we can use a dice rolling app, or RL dice.  

    4) We have fun.  

  2. Not a lot of bites, today.  Peter Johansen if I don’t get more interest, soon, I’ll just hold off for another day.  I’d be happy to have you join some day, though.  It’s no big deal.  Also, I forgot, is your computer set up for video conferencing, with a camera?  

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