24 thoughts on “#DruidWeek Why is your Druid THE Druid?”

  1. He’s from the fantasy-equivalent of Australia, where the Tasmanian Devils really are as fast as the wind, the dingos are known for stealing babies, the drop bears have a deadly “plummet from above” attack, and bunyips lurk in the waters.  Oh, and most everything else is poisonous. 

    Imagine Crocodile Dundee if he could shapechange!  How can you beat that?  Sydney Kookaburra is THE Druid’s Druid, fair dinkum!

  2. I alone have wandering the Vast Desert and learned the secrets of the dunes.  I have now made my way to the lands of men.  They have forgotten nature’s secrets as well as her wrath.  I shall remind them of both.

  3. Mako is a kupua – polynesian shapeshifter along the lines of Maui, Kamapuaa and Akua-pehu-ale. Someone who can be a trickster hero. He also has the potential to be a cruel cannibalistic villain.

     Thus the local kahunas (shamans) and chiefs aren’t that wild about him and exiled him.

  4. You are the avatar of the Red. The lifeforce that connects all living beeings. Using it’s power allows you to connect to the morphogenic field and change your shape.

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