12 thoughts on “#DruidWeek There are 11 lands your Druid can be bound to.”

  1. Lets remind ourself on tell tales

    „Chose a tell—a physical attribute that marks you as born of the soil—that reflects the spirit of your land. It may be an animal feature like antlers or leopard’s spots or something more general: hair like leaves or eyes of glittering crystal. Your tell remains no matter what shape you take.“

  2. Tells: 

    A boars tusks, 

    Shoulder Pads made of bark

    Leafs in your hair that change with the season

    Wolf paw feet


    The tail of a fox 

    Animal: Fox

    – Trick them with a feint

    – Hunt small animals 

    – Listen with clever ears

    Animal: Razor Boar 


    – Rend Weapon or Armor

    – Charge and tackle to the ground

    – Dig deep into the earth 



    – Start a petrification

    – Fly a short distance

    – Screech with unnerving voice 

  3. Skin the color and texture of supple spring leaves, or rough, knotted bark, or the pebbles at the bottom of a river bed, or the soft spongy texture and shiny red finish of toadstools.

  4. Your left hand is covered in deep green scales and your fingers end small talons.  It said that Druids have the favor of the Great Green Wyrm that watches over the Great Forest.  How did you earn his trust?

  5. Cocatrice has always played for Team Mythology, switching teams is kinda… abrupt?   Mark One Druids are anchored, almost painfully, to mundane animals.

    However this is DruidWeek!  Move the goalposts, expand the borders.  “Were does animal stop and monster start?” is a great question, worthy of it’s own thread.  ‘Why can’t a druid turn into a cocatrice?”  is a great question to ask a player.

  6. A few tells:

    Moss or lichen in/on the hair/fur/carapace.

    Nails of ivory or mother-of-pearl.

    A skin or cartilage piercing made of bone.

    Distinctive eyeshine (unusual or mismatched colors).

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