28 thoughts on “#DruidWeek  What is the fiction rationale in your game for why Druids can’t turn into insects?”

  1. Any druid that is risk-taking enough to turn into something that could be completely killed by a stray slap, a drop of rain, or a strong gust is a druid that deserves the chance to do so, in my books.

  2. The rules say any “species”. I don’t see why that doesn’t include insects. Or plants, for that matter. What move to you grant the druid who turns into a carrot?

  3. Adrian Brooks

    You can’t turn into a plant unless you have the Thing Talker advanced move.

    Which, IMHO, also begs the question; “At what point can a druid turn into a fantastical creature?’, because non-fantastical plants are at best limited in their usefulness. I also have yet to see any listing for plant moves.

  4. Turning into insects is great. One of my players has a bumblee bee move called “I’m Allergic!!!” Spend one hold and a character will wave their arms wildly trying to shoo you away, unable to focus on anything else.

    Great stuff.

  5. For human Druids, well, silkworms and honey bees are domesticated.

    And one more thing – my Druid is an ocean druid. Most of the cool crap he can turn into doesn’t have a back bone. Blue Ring Octopus, Cone Snail or Box Jelly anyone?

  6. If I ever GM for a druid who shapeshifts into a bee, “BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!” will be one of their moves.

    As to the game-breaking perils of shapeshifting into something smaller? Hardly. They even point that out in the move description itself. Shapeshifting into a flea could be construed as preventing you from triggering a move like Hack and Slash. You’re not fictionally capable of doing it.

    Then there’s all the juicy Hard Moves that can follow. Deal Damage against a flea scales up tremendously. ^_^

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