10 thoughts on “Ran my first DW game last night.”

  1. What Tim Franzke said. One way of making the characters more awesome is to make their misses be caused by external factors.

    Wizard/Mage/Whatever rolls a miss for casting a spell

    GM: So, you beginning saying the words, but before you finish, you are grabbed by the leg and yanked upwards. Upside down, the face of a mountain giant is looking at you, drooling.

  2. Misses target, hits an ally.

    Spell is reflected back (great to us for enemy caster)

    Destroys something in environment, putting allies at risk, attracting new enemies

    Becomes an attractive target

  3. Soft move: you over extend as you draw forth the magic from within you. You feel a little sick.

    Subsequent Hard Move: you lose control of the magic and try to cap the energies before they wreak havoc upon your allies. Your body moves out of synch with this plane momentarily. You take 1d4 damage.

  4. Kasper Brohus – yes, certainly. The situations and fronts I created did not provide for enough opportunities to stage more of these, I guess. Something to keep in mind.

    As for spell failure:

    I let the spell fail in several ways, for example burning his palms so he couldn’t cast the spell until healed. A lay on hands attempt by the paladin transferred those burns to that character.

    On another occasion the character would remain engulfed in a magical fire or light, which would give him away in the dark, but I did not follow up on that.

    I gave him -1 ongoing.

    I let him lose the spell finally but they were nearing the end anyway.

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