So here’s a question…you are about to undertake a perilous journey.

So here’s a question…you are about to undertake a perilous journey.

So here’s a question…you are about to undertake a perilous journey. You designate a trailblazer, scout, and quartermaster, when the QM realizes you dont have enough rations for even a successful journey. Is this something that was spelled out in the book? I couldnt find it if so…also I could be blind. My thinking is without a ruling spelled out that the group needs to divvy rations, and otherwise defy danger (the danger being going hungry) for the journey. Thoughts?

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  1. Whatever makes sense. Perhaps the journey takes a little longer as they forage and hunt for food on the way, perhaps they arrive hungry, and will need to Defy Danger+Con at critical times when their hunger overtakes them. It’s another misfortune arrow in your quiver of misery.

    Use it where it’s exciting or makes sense. Tempt them with a lavish feast that isn’t what it seems. Tell them the Goblin’s food smells horrible, but the ranger is pretty sure it’s edible, they’re so hungry, but are they hungry enough to eat it? Perhaps the Goblin itself would taste better…

  2. If you don’t have the rations, can’t make the move. The move doesn’t trigger, so the GM keeps talking and says or asks whatever makes sense to move the game forward. Possibly a hard move, but not necessarily.

  3. You could give the party an option; either a) the journey takes longer than they wanted as they gather food or stop for supplies, of b) one of the party volunteers to take the Weak or Sick debility as they didn’t get enough food, or ate some suspicious berries (respectively).

    Either way they use up their remaining rations.

  4. Alfred Rudzki This is correct. You can NOT make a move if you do not meet the triggers for that move. Just liek you can’t Hack and Slash someone who is not hack and slashing back.

    You might want to make a custom move appropriate to the fiction to solve the problem though since it’s a Golden Opportunity for sure. Maybe the Ranger can go hunting? The Thief steal some loaves of bread before leaving town? The druid use a Spout Lore to find edible berries.

    I woudl try to use the fiction to solve that problem or turn it into another one of some kind, since you are also supposed to be a fan of the characters and having them starve to death while trying to get somewhere is somewhat boring.

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