3 thoughts on “When exactly do you roll to Take To the Sky?”

  1. I was under the impression that you only rolled when there was a chance of failure, or for things to be interesting.

    I think that rolling every time would be cumbersome and detract from the game over all. So in that sense, as GM, I’d only require a roll when I thought that something interesting fiction-wise could be had from it.

  2. But that is not how moves work. You also roll every time you cast a spell even if its light. Failure chance has nothing to do with move triggers. It’s “when you do it – do it” and not “when you do it and failure is interesting” especially because a 7-9 is not a failure and a 6- doesn’t have to be.

  3. If you’re flying to get a view, you have to go “up there” to look around. ‘Looking around’ is the why, and ‘up there’ is the where. Just like ‘getting the treasure’ would be the why, and ‘across the chasm’ would be the where.

    If you are flying, you are moving, and if you are moving you are going from somewhere to somewhere.

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