12 thoughts on “A question about the Lantern-Why isn’t a bow in their starting equipment?”

  1. I should’ve been more clear: Jacob Randolph , I’ve posted this question to let you know that it’s point that I feel could be more clear in your otherwise wonderful product.  

  2. “When you command your little light to change its form, choose a form from below and it will take on that form until it thinks you need another one more.” From the first sentence. Your little light IS the bow, and it shoots arrows of light. I don’t see how this could be more clear, unless I name the form “Bow of Light,” which sounds pretty lame to my ear.

  3. I just read that as the little light becomes the arrows, because “Choose a form from below” and the option is “Arrows”.  I pictured spending the first part of her first adventure trying to steal/connive/purchase a bow from somewhere.    

  4. Some ideas-rename it “archer of light”

    OR-in the explanation after “arrows of light” add a clause about your little light also being the bow.    

  5. It’s not even necessarily a bow, though. It’s a ball of light shooting lasers, they’re only called Arrows because that’s medieval terminology and sets the tone nicely.

  6. Aha!  Ok.  (if you wanted to change the text, you could add after “arrows of light” something like “no device is needed to fire these arrrows.”)  

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