19 thoughts on “DW hangout game right now! Who’s in?”

  1. I’m open.  I’d be keen to try an unusual playbook (like one from Inverse World) or if you want me to be vanilla I’ll be a fighter or thief.  I can whip up a character pretty quick.  

  2. FYI I”ll be trying this on a machine I”ve never used for a hangout, on an internet connection I”ve never used for a hangout, so we’ll see how it all works out.  Should be fine, but I might not have my camera on, if it bogs down.  

  3. No worries, another time.  I am on the PbP.  I thought your name sounded familiar.  I go by Eormenric, I’m playing in RIch’s The Caverns of Baal-Harrir and Paul’s Postbellum.  

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