2 thoughts on “Where does the Area tag come from? It’s on the Mage class, but it doesn’t offer much explanation.”

  1. I think it’s just a Mage class thing.

    As it says, Area (-2 damage) it’d mean in this case you can focus it on a small area ((Or large even)) maybe a group of bandits are at a table and you want a large fireball to engulf them. Or maybe an area to spring up some vines as traps, multiple targets in an area.

    Or perhaps you just want to blacken an area with a plague, harming those on it.

  2. Yeah, that’s pretty much how we’ve been playing it, as Ian Bogert is playing a Mage in the Tuesday night F2F game I’m running. I just thought that it came from the core book and I wasn’t finding it.

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