7 thoughts on “Is The Barbarian an official or inofficial Playbook? Where can I find it?”

  1. Craig Hatler   I’m not saying you can’t do it, but clinging to the term official (or inofficial), especially if you are going to make it so strictly interpreted, seems really limiting.  This game was meant to be hacked and, while yes, there are rules we should stick with, there is a plethora of third party material out there of extremely high quality.

    I say lose the term official and go with stuff you want to use and stuff you don’t, hopefully understanding that those will change over time!

    Or am I taking your post completely out of context?

  2. Thanks Richard Robertson. I know that there are several really good and detailed DW hacks out there. 

    It just startled me that so many GMs seem to allow the basic playbooks plus “The Barbarian” for their games.

    Simply put I was totally unaware that “The Barbarian” was a kickstarter goody. (or wasn’t it?) 

  3. Richard Robertson , I wouldn’t say you aren’t. All I said was that I’d argue my point; I wasn’t claiming any sort of authoritative mandate. I’m all for hacking and creating new content; hell, I’m doing it myself. But I think that DMs who are new to DW should really do their homework when it comes to stuff put out there in the community, to make sure that they’re happy with the kind of content that a lot of custom classes introduce to the game.

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