6 thoughts on “I’ve read a lot of AP but I’ve seen no use of Hirelings.”

  1. I had a game where a player requested the help of a massive orc. We treated that like a hireling. It was good fun. Gave the druid some additional umph in combat.

  2. Our wizard hired a guy to carry his stuff.  Rolled a 6- on the recruitment, got a dangerously incompetent greenhorn.  Griff Strongcruch ended up being the group mascot.  He got saved from slaad, githyanki, mutants…classic. Hirelings are bags of fun.

  3. A player played a bard in one of my games, and he had 3 elven soldiers (warrior 2, protector 1) to back him up. That +6 damage was bonkers 🙂

    It was a small skirmish battle, and he just charged alongside them.

  4. A dwarven lord provided my players a bodyguard from his personal retinue for a mission (protector). I gotta say, a high powered protector was EXTREMELY tough.

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