So I started my first campaign (first game!) of DW a couple of weeks ago and we all had a blast – the character…

So I started my first campaign (first game!) of DW a couple of weeks ago and we all had a blast – the character…

So I started my first campaign (first game!) of DW a couple of weeks ago and we all had a blast – the character creation was a lot of fun, and we got a lot of cool ideas going for the world (though I’ll probably post and ask for some ideas from you guys later about that too).

Anyway, one of the players decided to make a Wizard. He decided that his character was a magical researcher and was more into the research side of magic than the practical applications. So when he went to pick his spells, he decided on the following: Charm Person, Telepathy, Invisibility.

Here’s my concern: There will be combat. It’s not an entire party of researchers. So how do I keep things fun for this player? Last game he chose to have memorized Telepathy and Invisibility, and his only real move was turning Invisible then chasing after a fleeing orc (which he eventually lost).

Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. I have yet to run my first game, but I did have an idea. You could present a challenging encounter(s) where this Wizard must conduct research in the midst of combat. They could be pressed for time in one situation, or in another he could need to study the effects of other magic while it’s being used in the heat of battle etc. It’s certainly not something that will work in every situation/encounter, but rather just a few ideas for some situations. There are many ways to engage this player outside of combat, but I focused on these since you mentioned combat specifically.

    Are there other casters in the group?

  2. Hmm – I like that a lot Mike Weem. I’ll definitely use that – it also touches on one of the other issues that I noticed last game: noone was really working together. It’d be good to see the Fighter holding off a horde of orcs while the Wizard hurriedly reads through a tomb or something… that actually plays really well into another idea I had, so thanks!

    I definitely have ideas for how to engage him outside of combat. I just see those spells and think two things:

    – They have a lot of uses in theory

    – Those uses a lot of times might take the spotlight off other players

    Invisibility might take the spotlight off the Thief. Charm Person might take the spotlight off the Bard. I don’t think this will be too bad though. Still, Telepathy has me scratching my head on how it might be useful. I can think of a couple of situations, but they’re not all that common or else they’re just not that practical or interesting.

    The only other ‘caster’ in the group is the bard, so not really. The current party consists of: a fighter, a wizard, a bard, a ranger, and a thief.

    Thanks again for your help!

  3. You can always give him (at a cost of course!) other spells. “Found” scrolls in the old treasure pile. More importantly is the PLAYER complaining that he is not having fun?

    You’ve had a single game, it may be too early to ring the “how can I engage my players” bell just yet.

    I don’t know you or your players but maybe learning a new system, a new campaign and a new character in one session was a bit much? Give it a few games and see how everyone feels after they are more comfortable but more importantly, ask! Ask what everyone thought at the end of the session. Ask what they liekd or didn’t, understood or didn’t. A good time would be at the End of Session move.

  4. Invisibility does not have to be cast on self. Present situations where he has to cast it on one of his allies, to get them past the guards, or past the magic all seeing eye, or some such thing.

    Telepathy also becomes useful if you split the party. As long as there is a hint that this is on its way the Wizard would have time to cast it.

    Don’t forget that the Wizard also has cantrips. And you can present challenges that are best solved with one of them. Such as the combat area being suddenly thrown into darkness.

    Also look at the other Starting moves.

    Spell defense, is something that you could hint at, particularly once the Wizard gets a few higher level spells.

  5. An interesting thing to so with telepathy is to use it to communicate with someone who otherwise could not. Someone spelled into a deep and lasting sleep. A broken man whose tongue or vocal chords have been removed. An elderly woman too senile to make sense.

    Edit: Someone badly burned and on the cusp of death.

  6. Making things equally fun for all players is thankfully not one of your agendas as a DW GM. You’re a fan of the characters and make things interesting, etc. But it’s partially on the player to do things that they find fun. IMO, the best you can do is present crazy, open-ended situations (not everything is obviously solvable by violence, right?) and then ask “What do you do?” while looking straight at each of the players. Giving close to equal attention to each of the players is important, but whatever they decide to do should be treated as cool, interesting, fun, and create complications. You actually don’t get to decide whether there’s a lot of combat in the game or not! Maybe the PCs won’t decide to fight very often.

  7. Konrad Zielinski I totally forgot about the Cantrips – thanks! Those are all good ideas.

    Josh Harden Oh that’s an interesting thought – hmm, I’ll have to see if there’s something I can mix in there.

    Jonathan Walton Thanks, that’s a good point. The truth is that I started the first game deep in media res – they were being ambushed. Hopefully as they move further on he’ll get a chance to shine.

    James R I guess we’ll see how they get used. That said, hopefully there will be enough situations where he’ll be able to use them more than “I cast invisibility and stay out of the fight.”

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