Journal of Intimate Thoughts

Journal of Intimate Thoughts

Journal of Intimate Thoughts

This appears as a well worn leather journal. Inside, the pages contain a very detailed diary of someones day to day life and thoughts. The author’s name is never mentioned but the detailed information in the journal often makes it easy to figure out who it belongs to.

Once any part of the Journal is read and it spends a day in the possession of a new owner, the pages will become blank and the new owners thoughts and actions begin to be recorded in the book, anonymously.

Originally made to catch traitors amidst a foreign court the book simply led to too much misunderstanding, hurt feelings, several acts of violence and accusations of treason.

Thankfully it has been lost to time…or so the story goes.

5 thoughts on “Journal of Intimate Thoughts”

  1. Pretty sweet, I’d like if the pages that have been written stay written, so some very useful stuff could be found in there, but in order to find anything useful, you’d have to spend some time reading, which gives the journal enough time to start writing your thoughts.

    All in all, it gets the imagination going which is exactly what a cool magic item should do!

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