#FighterWeek  *Fighting Styles!*

#FighterWeek  *Fighting Styles!*

#FighterWeek  *Fighting Styles!*

These moves are supposed to be an extra move for the Fighter. In a perfect world there would be lot’s of different fighting styles but i present you 3. Each one has a general fighting style moves and then extra ones to represent further training in the style. Right now there is one for 1 Katana Sword, Spear and Shield and one for a big big hammer. There is not really a reason to match them to specific weapons but it’s an easy way to differentiate them. 

As i said every Fighter would start with 1 fighting style and can choose the other Fighting Style moves later when he levels up. Getting new styles could be done by any character like one would get into a compendium class. The Fighter could easily have a Multiclass like move that gave him access to another fighting style. He is the fighter, he can figure this stuff out. 

I didn’t had as much time as i wanted to put into these moves so please be gentle on them, they might not be as good but show the direction the move would take. 

I hope you like this. 

White Swan Style (single Sword)

When you center yourself and deflect every blow coming at you, only attacking with counterstrikes, you may Hack&Slash using WIS instead of STR. 


When you have a moment to focus and then draw your sword in one swift motion to strike your enemy you may deal damage or roll+WIS 

On a 10+ choose 2, on a 7-9 choose 1 

– You take their weaponhand off 

– You deal your damage+1d6 

– You slice them before they can react, giving you time to retreat

– Your focus gives you a moment of perfect clarity. You can ask 1 question from the discern realities list 

Iaidō Focus

When you use Iaidō, choose 1 extra option from the list 

Perfect Defense

When you Hack&Slash an Enemy using the White Swan Style, take +2 armor against the next attack coming at you 

Boros Legion Style (Spear and Shield)

When you stand in Defense of one of your comrades, the first enemy getting closer then reach range with them takes a d6 of damage 

Scorpionsting Maneuver 

When you damage an enemy in melee, you can sacrifice 4 of your damage to knock them back one range category. 

The Turtle

When you are forming a shieldwall with your allies, roll+CON 

On a 10+ choose 3, on a 7-9 choose 2   

– You can still move

– You are protected against range attacks

– Everyone trying to brake your formation takes a d6 of damage 

– You can still attack from behind your shieldwall 

Inspired by the THUNDERING PACHYDERM by +Craig Hatler 

Mountain Giant Style(BigAss Hammer)

When you hit an enemy with a forcefull weapon and throw him of his feet you get to decide where exactly they land or whom they hit in the fall 

Whipping Truck

When you wield a two-handed weapon by bearing its heft with just one hand, ignore the two-handed tag.

Hammer Time!

When you charge into a group of enemies and bring your hammer down in a giant krakakoom roll+STR On a hit you deal 1d6 to each of them (roll once) but on a 10+ choose 1, on a 7-9 choose 2 

– You get attacked by two of them

– You get yourself into a Spot doing it

– You damage something you didn’t intent to hit 

Imposing Stature

When you parley with someone that saw you in a fight and you use the potential of violence against them as leverage, take +1 forward.  

9 thoughts on “#FighterWeek  *Fighting Styles!*”

  1. How much would this help the Fighter? Most of the starting Fighting Style moves wouldn’t be active moves (should they be?) so this would mostly help to differentiate the play experience in a more passive way. 

  2. I think these could help empower the choices in the signature weapon even more and look really cool. I’d love I see a cleaving axe style and maybe a bare knuckle boxing style to to flesh it out.

    Awesome ideas! Really enjoy the concept.

  3. Very cool and gives a lot of inspiration. I think I’ll try to develop something similar for a module I wanted to play for a long time. It is a golden era of german zweihander schools it’s set in so three of for distinct styles can be made.

  4. I am loving it and only have very minor issues with how certain moves are phrased.

    Like: Iaidō – you may roll damage – so without needing to hack and slash?

    Also: You take an opponent’s hand off, but you might not get to deal damage? (depending on your choices?)

    And Scorpionsting Maneuver: You cannot choose this otpion, when you deal less than 4 damage – right?

  5. You disarm them

    might be better yes! And yeah, you can deal damage without H&S but you need the moment to focus yourself and are helpless before the strike. It a turbulent battle this is not the best idea but works wonders in a duel. 

    Yes, you need at least 4 damage. I am not sure if spending damage is a mechanic that really works but i tried it. 

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