I need a custom move for my family game today. I can’t find the one I am looking for (my googlefu to find old posts that aren’t mine is really sucketh).

There is a portal that leads to the elflands (a parrallel universe type of thing). I expect they will get to the old portal. I am thinking that with magic or spout lore they can easily figure out how to make it work. I was thinking something like:

When you try to activate the cyrstal portal to Gilliand roll +bonds with an elf *on a 10+ the portal works and you can transport yourself to one of the three elven towers of the GM’s choice *on a 7-9 the portal works but you are transported to part of the wilderlands of Gilliand describe the terrain and why there is something dangerous for you *on a 6- the portal explodes into cyrstal shards – describe how you defy danger to avoid d10 hit with no armor. You can use the shards to create a new portal if you can findout where the nexus lines are in a different spot of this world for a ritual.

Let me know your feedback. Peace

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  1. Just remember playing with a 7 year old, good comment on trying consider move to say when you activate the portal it does: then the move. The 10+ is a good move as o e of the characters is from the elvish court. The 6- means you blew up the portal, moving forward though you can reestablish it. I don’t want to separate – given one is my wife and one is my son. I like that maybe something comes out after them though.

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