36 thoughts on “When you GM, do you roll damage dice? Come on, tell the truth now.”

  1. Yep. It does get a bit confusing when you say “roll b[2d10] 1 piercing” and they’re like “huh?”. But after one or two rolls they get the hang of the lingo.

  2. I don’t roll the dice. For new groups who might react to that, I tend to not make a big deal of it. When damage comes up I just say something like “oh, dang, I don’t have my dice, could you just roll a d8 and add 3 to see how much damage you take?”

  3. joshua crocker The rules for the Deal Damage move do say “When a player takes damage, tell them what to roll. You never need to touch the dice. If the player is too cowardly to find out their own fate, they can ask another player to roll for them.” I love that last line.

  4. Slight aside: I started DMing basic D&D back in the ’90s, somehow my reading of the rules caused me to think that the DM rolled all the dice, including players’ attacks, etc. I’ve since realized the error of my ways, but I do find it very difficult to relinquish control of the few dice I’ve retained.

    So, yes, I roll damage as a GM.

  5. In the first demos I played, we players rolled the damage. In the first campaign I played, the GM rolled the damage. In my first campaign as GM, I rolled the damage. In several demos I made, either me or the players rolled the damage. In my actual campaign as player, we players roll the damage. I’m an eclectic person.

  6. After much reflection on this discussion, I’ve decided to leave my dice at home tonight. Anyone know the typical withdrawals symptoms I should expect?

  7. “Ok, I don’t have mi dce with me, so guys, you’ll roll the monsters’ damage.

    Oooh so you rolled a 2 with the damage die of your warrior but rolled a 10 on the monster’s damage die? So, so sad” 

  8. I have players of characters with “negative” bonds with the character receiving damage make the roll if possible. Seems to add a little “edge” to the process. As GM, I never roll dice.

  9. I even did this in my 4e game for a while. I’d tell player A to roll an attack and damage against player B. They about rioted after a couple rounds. “Hell no, you’re the bad guy not me.”

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