31 thoughts on “I’ve just started a Number Appearing PbP game and would like to recruit a couple more or three players.”

  1. What races/classes do you have already? I had an idea for a devourer fighter. I thought it’d be a cool twist if the character was a corpse animated by a soul eating spirit in his signature weapon. Sounds like you might already have a fighter though, so I could easily come up with something else!

  2. Actually, I’ve reserved the lycanthropes and undead as adversaries.  You can play the ‘natural’ monsters:  Bugbear, Gnoll, Hobgoblin, Orc, Ratkin, Goblin, Ettin, Hill Giant, Ogre or Troll. 

    We have an Orc Fighter, an Ogre Mage and a Goblin Thief (who is currently awol).

  3. Yep, sorry, I’m playing a pretty traditional Orc Fighter named Nok who’s pursuing to overthrow the chief of his tribe for trading away resources with the Kobolds – who are enemies in the caves. Even though Nok’s now been sent on a raid with the rest of his party, his plans won’t waver. Nok is a pretty standard, axe-wielding Fighter; except he offers his kills to Bish’gu Urg Der – the God of the Red Pain – believing his power grants his signature weapon (The Great Axe of Urg Der) great strength and endurance.

    Had to give my spiel. 🙂

    Oh, and his signature war cry is, “Nok CHARGE!” 


  4. Cool! Sounds great! I’m thinking I’d probably give a cleric a go- so many cool races though! Troll, hobgoblin, lizard man, goblin, or heck maybe even a giant! Hopefully I can actually sleep now that my brain is spinning! Ill sign up first thing in the morning and post. Looking forward to it!

  5. Ok, I just tried to register  but the captcha is crazy hard to read.  I tried 5 of them and it didn’t work out, so I went ahead and mailed the admin per the ‘new guest’ post.

    How do you guys handle dice rolling on this board?  Also, have you seen http://rpol.net/?  It’s made for gaming with dice, character sheets, etc.  I ran a few games there over the years.

    Anyway, I’ll register just as soon as I hear from the admin!  Thanks!

  6. Richard Robertson and I are both the admins. 🙂 Apologies for the CAPTCHA — I’m still in the process of moving hosts and it’s the only true way we have of keeping the spambots away and not flooding the member list.

    I’m online, so if you see this, let me know so I can get you registered. 

    Apologies again for the hassle.

  7. You know what? I’ll just change the settings now so you can register whenever you can today.

    Let me know what username you register with on here please, thanks!

  8. No worries – I run a bulletin board (Drupal) for a group of folks, and I just recently had to go to using Captcha – and man, the spammers are so sophisticated you basically HAVE to make the Captcha impossible to read to stop them.  So I feel your pain 🙂

    I’m going to register now – username: phobologic.  Thanks!

  9. Yeah, I’ll go for an Ettin Bard.  The task of playing two heads that don’t necessarily get along is a daunting one, but I think it’ll be fun if I can pull it off 🙂  I’m still reading all the back posts in the Discussion forum, but once I’m done I’ll put something up there.

  10. The other option I’m considering is a Ratkin Bard, if that’s possible, with the idea of probably taking an Animal Companion for the rat swarm (I just like the imagery there – sort of a Pied Piper thing) when/if we survive long enough to reach level 2.

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