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  1. I play a mutant in a PbP game.  I shy away from any move that just doesn’t make any sense.  Nothing about social controls of groups of monsters, nothing too magical.  I try to keep them more sci-fi oriented, but I think that’s just me.  My first picks were the White Man of Mars’ Great Leap, They’s disguise as a human, and some brain monster’s mind control.

    I just bargained with death though and had to change all of those.  Death, it seems, wanted to make things a bit more interesting.

  2. Because I have a player who is playing a mutant and during the first session he had some moves from the brain stalker.

    Even if I’m ok with that (and it make sense with the character) I don’t if I’m doing it “right”, since those picks seems a bit too magical.

    Edit: I suggested to the player to take some inspiration from Metamorphica,

    And now he is oriented to choose

    block sense, telekinesis and create emotions.

  3. The Brain Stalker!  That’s the one!  Hah, I guess that’s a popular one with The Mutants!

    So, one idea I had, as a means to keep a lid on the moves, is to only allow them to choose moves from creatures they have encountered, or perhaps, eaten.  That way, they can still pretty much pick any move they want, if they’re willing to make that monster a part of their history, and thus a thing in their world.

    I probably would have chosen differently had that been the case at character creation.

  4. Lenny Pacelli , how do you reconcile the Advantageous Mutations move allowing you three moves, but the Metamorphica lists what basically amounts to cosmetic mutations, rather than granting moves?

  5. You can pick any monster move if you have Advantageous Mutations. It’s supposed to be like you pick your three starting moves, instead of having the same ones all the time, like every other class does. If you’re trying to use one but don’t spend your hold, the GM has a lot of leeway to decide which stat you roll — or to make up a new custom move.

  6. Also, when I GM for a Mutant PC, I offer this choice up front: You can roll mutations from the Metamorphica, but you have to keep all of them and we don’t stop until you have 3 that are useful. The rest are just cosmetic, even if they are detrimental. So there’s no penalty of you roll up rotting skin.

    Not sure what I’d do if someone rolled superhuman strength though!

  7. That’s great, Johnstone, I’ll consider that for my Mutant.

    Misha Polonsky , what do you say, should I just roll on Metamorphica like Johnstone Metzger  has his players do?  Seem kinda hard to resist.

  8. Yeah, I guess it could be like roll+WIS to hulk out or something. It would be weird to have STR-1 and then be defying danger with STR to use your super strength. I guess it depends how gonzo your game is!

  9. Richard Robertson I don’t know if I’ve understood your question, but on Metamorphica there are tons of mutations that would grant you a move (psychic power and so on).

    Johnstone Metzger thank you! I thought about making custom moves too, but it seems too demanding. Anyway, I really like the idea of rolling randomly from the tables!

    Edit: about wich skill to roll when you defy danger to use a monster move, I’d just pick what it’ more appropriate to how the player describe it’s action.

    I use cause pain! how? with my pure will! so roll on wis!

    I use cause pain! how? I have some spores on my fingers that execrete an harmful substance. So roll on dex to catch him, since he is not likely to be touched by you!

    (just to get an idea, the examples are…well…)

  10. I see now there are some mutations on the tables that would work well.  I like Johnstone Metzger ‘s   suggestion for keeping them all, just roll until you have three useful ones.  But I just have that one question above about the roll:  Choose a table to roll on or roll d1000?

  11. Lenny Pacelli Yeah, you got the hang of it. Sometimes I like to say that evil psychic powers roll+INT and benevolent psychic powers roll+WIS, but that’s just me (it’s the wizard/cleric thing).

    When the mutant had precognition, I said we’d base it off of the Fighter move Through Death’s Eyes, with one thing does happen, one thing doesn’t happen, but he only ever used it once, and spent hold on it. But if a mutation looks a lot like another move, it is cool to use that move as a basis for a custom move.

  12. …I’m just rolling some totally random characters and…wow! that book it’s pure gold Johnstone Metzger thank you!

    Also, it is a perfect starting point for a game I had in mind to run: normal people (and a normal world, everyday life) messed up by strange “symptoms”! (I know it’s nothing new, but I’d like to play that kind of thing!)

  13. Johnstone Metzger Hey, that is a cool idea with the Metamorphica! Richard Robertson Yeah, if you want to go ahead and do that, I’m totally down. Also, I’m a fan of the d1000 roll myself as well. I mean, c’mon – you can’t beat that. 🙂

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