#FighterWeek What is your signature weapon? Community brainstorming!

#FighterWeek What is your signature weapon? Community brainstorming!

#FighterWeek What is your signature weapon? Community brainstorming!

They grafted freaking Horns to your face! They are awful useful in battle but man, HORNS! ON YOUR FACE! 

Kudos to Kasper Brohus and Eric Lochstampfor 

How about a Whip Sword? Useful in close and reach range


The pickaxe you used to free your people from slavery. 

The whisperblade – a rapier made of solid air. It has no weigh and will pierce any armor. It’s hilt is made with stormgiant hair and used in the right way it will awaken the storm and blow away every enemy

“a golden spear with blue and green gemstones, that looks strangely refined and perfect compared to the rest of her equipment.” 

The two daggers of the master assassin, rumored to kill every man they manage to cut. 

The dragon sword, a perfectly made katana with a dragonhead as a hilt. Legend says that if you can unlock the secrets of the blade you can use the dragon to throw fire at your enemies. 

Your own body. You are the freaking fighter!

Your own natural fey magic. It makes you faster and gives your fist and feet the extra ooommph, when you hit someone with them. Side effects include a glowing aura and bright yellow hair. 

The first sword you ever smithed out of a meteorite. In the night you can hear it whisper in a language you can’t understand. 

A human two-hander, way to big for a normal halfling but not for you. It might look funny but they won’t laugh when you hit them over the head with it. 

“He owns a sword, one of the proofs of his kingship. It looks like an ordinary, even slightly rusty, weapon, but it is incredibly sharp and durable (exactly how it retains its incredible edge has never been explained, especially as after examination by a witch, possibly Magrat Garlick, the weapon was declared to be quite the most non-magical sword she had ever seen). This is because, as Sergant Colon reasons in Guards! Guards!, one usually became king back then by killing one’s enemies, and therefore wanted a sword that was neither shiny nor flashy but instead “bloody efficient at cutting things.” It has, on separate occasions, sliced clean through another sword’s blade and been thrust clean through a person and the pillar of solid rock behind him, then out the other end” 

“a Dothraki arakh and a Myrish stiletto. Their hilts are a matched pair of naked women made in gold.”

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  1. I’ve seen a number. Here are my top 3:

    I’ve seen a morningstar head a long heavy chain and clipped by a ring to a collarbone.

    A sword named Woe which was the Physical form of a Demon the Fighter made a pact with to escape an Orcish War-Camp.

    A spear held by the leader of a band all of whom died, and who bound their souls to it such that they advised, guided and sometimes possessed the wielder.

  2. A big spiked ball made out of metal. In it is a fire or hot coals. The whole thing is on a long chain. 

    (used against us by Cultists designed by David Reichgeld )

  3. I have a player who plays a Dwarf with a signature weapon that is a Fist with Reach. He plays it as a retractable fist which is hilarious when he’s disarmed.

  4. K’tang is the most recent in a line of elven warriors appointed to the duty of carrying the great spear Kalvela, the Sky-Splitter. The skald’s verses say it was forged from ore mined on the thunderbolt-wracked plateau of Kastos, and that the sky itself shudders at the threat of retribution when the Sky-Splitter is raised high in battle.

  5. The Great Axe of Urg-Der is permanently soaked in blood from centuries of fierce battle with serrated edges that never seem to dull. The Orc Fighter who wields the signature weapon makes sure of this by offering sacrifices and those he’s killed to Bish’gu Urg-Der – The God of the Red Pain. The Orc believes his God gives the weapon great strength.

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